The Way Of The Warrior

Sometimes, the most devastating retort you can make is to simply let your opponent’s words gain a wider audience.

Also, visual aids are useful.

Time To Drop The Hammer Down

There’s only one reason I’d ever post a Mourning Joe clip on this blog, and that’s to see Joe Scar cry:

Wish I could say I feel bad for him, but since I actually want a functioning country, not so much…


I Got Your Fraud Right Here

From The Brad Blog, news that notorious serial voter registration shredder Nathan Sproul’s been at it again:

The Republican Party of Florida’s top recipient of 2012 expenditures, a firm by the name of Strategic Allied Consulting, was just fired on Tuesday night, after more than 100 apparently fraudulent voter registration forms were discovered to have been turned in by the group to the Palm Beach County, FL Supervisor of Elections.

The firm appears to be another shell company of Nathan Sproul, a longtime, notorious Republican operative, hired year after year by GOP Presidential campaigns, despite being accused of shredding Democratic voter registration forms in a number of states over several past elections.

The firm is not only tied to the FL GOP, but also to the Mitt Romney Campaign, which hired Sproul as a political consultant late last year, despite years of fraud allegations against his organizations in multiple states.

Moreover, the firm is also reportedly operating similar voter registration operations on behalf of the Republican Party, to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, in a number of key battleground states this year, including North Carolina, Virginia and Colorado. Strategic Allied has recently taken steps to hide their ownership by Sproul’s notorious firm, Sproul & Associates.

These guys are DESPERATE to suppress the vote any way they can, and crap like this is why anytime you hear a Republican yapping about voter fraud, the only appropriate response is:

Who Am I To Argue With…

…TWO captains of the Enterprise?

Massholes On Parade

Via ABL, another brilliant Billy Zabka moment from Team TrukNutz:

Staffers for Sen. Scott Brown were caught on video this week at a rally in Boston chanting Indian “war whoops” and making tomahawk chop gestures, mocking Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

Pictured in the video are deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey, Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard, and a Republican operative named Brad Garrett, according to Boston’s ABC affiliate.

I’m deducting points because they didn’t actually drop trou while doing this…although Brown almost made up for it during the dismount:

Update: Scott Brown told the Globe that he had not seen the video, but “if you’re saying that, certainly that’s not something I condone. It’s certainly something that, if I’m aware of it, I will tell that [staff] member never to do that again.”

But “the offensiveness here is the fact that professor Warren took advantage of a claim, to be somebody – a Native American — and using that for an advantage,” Brown told the Globe.

Seriously, Massachusetts?