This Is How You Do Work

This is one of the most powerful, most moving, most “just exactly what was needed WHEN WE NEEDED IT” speeches I have EVER heard. Simply incredible.

Time To Gear Up

The necrotic dumpster fire that was the Republican National Convention is finally over, and it was every bit as bad as I had imagined it would be. There’s plenty I could say in response to both the party and the gibbering buffoon representing them, but for now I’ll outsource this to Jon Stewart:

The GOP doesn’t just need to be defeated in November; that would be letting them off too lightly.  They need to be DESTROYED.

It’s Not Live, It’s Memorex



You’re welcome.

Once More Unto The Breach

We’re DONE with all the nonsense. We have no more time for naysayers, pearl clutchers, Bernie-or-Busters, GOP ratfuckers, and courtesan “liberal” media (and yes, at least three of these are redundant). The time for foolishness and naivete is OVER. Time to get down to business, time for the ADULTS to take the stage.

Pat McCrory Gets His “Know Your Role” Moment

Well, Pat got what he THOUGHT he wanted.

Loss of business didn’t phase him.

Boycotts didn’t phase him.

His own attorney general telling him that the law was unconstitutional AND that he would not enforce it didn’t phase him.

No, he doubled down and SUED the feds for the “right” to discriminate.

Can you smell what’s cooking now, Pat?

You’re about to learn a hard lesson, Pat.

We know your real goal was to try to gut workplace protections for workers within North Carolina, including the right to sue at any level other than federal for wrongful or discriminatory actions, and also to prevent municipalities to set their own minimum wage laws. We know Art Pope’s got you pimped out fifteen ways from Sunday. We know you chose your target thinking you’d get away with it.


And now the whole world’s going to watch you get handed your ass for it.

You should have known your role.