Full Court Press

This is what happens when everyone’s on the same page. President Obama:

First Lady Michelle Obama:

And to top off the night, Secretary Clinton:

This was a great day.


He Didn’t See That Coming

Michelle Obama opened up on Trumplethinskin with every round from every weapon in the armory, then poured gas on the embers, then dug a hole and buried the ashes, then dropped a bomb on the filled-in hole.

There may have never been a more deserving target. AND we still have three weeks to go.

I’m going to need a bigger popcorn bucket.


C’mon Charlotte, we’re better than this.

Image: Protests Break Out In Charlotte After Police Shooting


Burning things down won’t undo the shooting, won’t bring Keith Scott back to his family, and won’t make things any better for any of the rest of us. We desperately need calmer heads to prevail, and an actual dialogue to start AND BE MAINTAINED.

Yes, it’s hard. No, it’s not fair. But it must happen or nothing will be solved.

Save The Day – VOTE!

Gotta get this done, folks.

Truth-telling and Bypassing the Village

President Obama hit the campaign trail yesterday, laying out the case for Hillary Clinton in Philadelphia.  His entry into the campaign does two things: it gives Clinton an active ally who, at 58% approval, has more popularity than either candidate; it also forces the Village to either truthfully cover the Democratic side of the campaign or watch as President Obama goes right around them as he has had to do so many times before.

Business is about to pick up…