Not To Put Too Fine A Point On It…But They’re Wrong

I could watch this all day:

I hope he pounds on them with this every day until November…

Ricky Don’t Lose That Blunder

I was intent on ignoring Rick Santorum, but this is just too much:

Former Sen. Rick Santorum, running in 2012 for the Republican presidential nomination, said Sunday on ABC’s “This Week” that Kennedy’s speech makes him want to vomit:

“To say that people of faith have no role in the public square? You bet that makes you throw up. What kind of country do we live that says only people of non-faith can come into the public square and make their case?”

“That makes me throw up and it should make every American who is seen from the president, someone who is now trying to tell people of faith that you will do what the government says, we are going to impose our values on you, not that you can’t come to the public square and argue against it, but now we’re going to turn around and say we’re going to impose our values from the government on people of faith, which of course is the next logical step when people of faith, at least according to John Kennedy, have no role in the public square.”

Setting aside the fact that he would have been at most all of two years old when Kennedy gave the speech, and the fact that he got the theme of the speech exactly 180 degrees out of phase, let’s just say that THIS MAN IS INSANE. Let’s give him credit though: he’s telling you exactly what he would impose on the country if he were placed in charge – theocratic fascism, no more, no less.

No more excuses.  If this man wins the nomination, every single general election voter that casts a ballot for him is signing on with the Talivan.  Period.



And Now, For Something Completely Hysterical

Leave it to John Cleese to succinctly sum up the entirety of the NeoConfederate apparatus. The whole thing is worth a listen; the money quote starts at 3:29.

And after the show they put on this week, can anyone argue with the man?  Methinks not.


One of the problems with suffering from Obama Derangement Syndrome is that sometimes the desired narrative gets in the way of an easily discernible truth.  Kay (via commenter kideni) tells the sad tale of yet another outfit forced to correct delete a post because of their eagerness to “smear” President Obama as a union supporter:



The right wing propaganda site Politico was so eager to try to do a smear job on President Barack Obama and his visit to Milwaukee today that they failed to look before they leaped and ended up landing into a pile of foolishness with both feet:
Yup, the mistook the Wisconsin state flag as being the flag of Wisconsin Local 1848.
Once they realized how stupid they looked, they deleted the post (which appears to be a common thing for Republicans).

Here’s the original story from Politico:


It’s very clear what side President Obama is on here in Wisconsin. Behind the stage where he will speak today are two flags: an American one, as usual, and right alongside it—and a flag for the local union, Wisconsin 1848.
The president has been mum in recent months on the battle raging in the Badger State between unions and Republican Gov. Scott Walker, who is facing a recall election largely pushed by labor after he pushed through laws effectively taking away collective bargaining rights in the state.
Here at Master Lock, Obama is speaking about domestic manufaturing and highlighting what he calls “in-sourcing,” bringing jobs back from overseas. The padlock manufacturer brought roughly 100 jobs back from China to this factory—union jobs, the White House has noted Walker had been expected to join the president but canceled this morning because his office said he has the flu.

You would think they’d check something like that BEFORE publishing it – especially since this isn’t the first time it’s happened.

Can’tor Won’t

Eric Can’tor is a truly clueless specimen:

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor (R-VA) faced criticism on Wednesday for introducing a version of the STOCK Act which many said had severely weakened the legislation.

In a rare showing of bipartisanship, the Senate voted 93 to 3 last week to approve the STOCK Act.

The bill prohibits lawmakers and their staff from trading stocks based on information they learn during congressional briefings and related work, among others things. It corrects the ambiguity in existing laws by empowering the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) to ensure that members of Congress and their staff can be held accountable for illegally trading on non-public information.

Cantor’s version of the legislation, however, did not include provisions that require registration by political intelligence consultants, strip pension benefits from corrupt members of Congress and close loopholes in the nation’s anti-corruption laws.

Cantor’s version of the STOCK Act also omits a provision that would require political-intelligence practitioners to adhere to the same registration requirements of lobbyists.

The bill is set for a House vote Thursday.

The larger question here is whether or not Can’tor’s fellow NeoConfederates will follow him off the cliff – you may recall that when President Obama suggested closing this odious loophole during the State of the Union address, it wasn’t exactly universally accepted:

We’ll know in a few hours.