Senator Raphael Warnock

Personal log. Stardate 202212.6.

At the time of this log, Reverend Raphael Warnock has been re-elected to the Senate in Georgia. His win is a great testatment to the resiliency of Georgia Democrats, who pressed on against voter suppression, in opposition to the worst candidate* ever put forth in a Senate race in my lifetime.

With that said, the joy at the win is tempered with absolute fury that the GOP would even run someone as fundamentally unfit as Herschel Walker in the first place. It’s a tried and true tactic for them – “Blacks will vote for any Black face.” Ask Alan Keyes how that turned out. I do not believe that the “brain trust” in the Republican party realize even now just how big a mistake they made.

I have a feeling they will, and sooner rather than later.

But tonight, we celebrate.

Ben Sisko raises a toast.

*I would be remiss if I did not state that the absolute WORST candidate for a Senate seat ever was disgraced Judge Roy Moore of Alabama.


Every Accusation Is A Confession

This election season has been rife with GOP accusations of all kinds of improprieties on the part of Democratic and left-leaning organizations. As we have been shown repeatedly, however, every accusation is a confession:

Expressing concern about voter fraud and disenfranchisement, Fitton called on the audience to find a way to prevent mail-in ballots from being sent to voters. “We need to stop those ballots from going out, and I want the lawyers here to tell us what to do,” said Fitton, whose organization is a tax-exempt charity. “But this is a crisis that we’re not prepared for. I mean, our side is not prepared for.”
In an interview with The Post, Fitton elaborated on his remarks. “The left has war-gamed this out,” Fitton said. “And it could cause civil war.”

So, a tax-exempt group fighting to keep voters from being able to cast ballots? Seriously?

Brent Bozell, a CNP executive committee member and founder of the Media Research Center, another tax-exempt charity, told attendees at one of the August sessions that he believes the left plans to “steal this election.”

Stealing the election by…casting valid votes? I guess if you view any Democratic win as illegitimate…

True to form, GOPers have now embraced a course of action their leader decried not one month ago as “RAMPANT WITH FRAUD“:

“And so our organization is going to be harvesting ballots in churches,” (Reed) said. “We’re going to be specifically going in not only to White evangelical churches, but into Hispanic and Asian churches, and collecting those ballots.”

They’re going to pull out ALL the stops. We’d better be ready.

A Little Friday Levity

You’re welcome (h/t lamh36)

What We’re Up Against

Biden/Harris can definitely win – things are looking good less than 30 days out. We need to be mindful of our actual sitrep though – they’re basically playing 2-on-6:

  • Republicans/Trumpers
  • Far right media (Faux/OANN)
  • Far right-adjacent media (rest of the MSM)
  • “Uncomfortable allies” (looking for any reason to bail)
  • “Undecideds” (surrrrre)
  • Horsehoe left (arrogant enough to be sure they’d survive Dump Mk II)

The margin has to be too big to steal, because they’re going to try. The courts may pick off the worst/most blatant of their attempts, but they will throw everything but the kitchen sink at this one – those trial balloons about postponing elections are dry runs. They WILL try this, because they’re morons.

No surrender.

A Note On The Media

In recent days, there have been “shocking” revelations (in that they were only shocking to anyone who either wasn’t paying attention or needs to be watered twice a week) regarding the current occupant of the Oval Office and his attitude towards anyone who didn’t vote for him (as well as a good number of those who did). Newspapers, nightly network news broadcasts, cable news programs are all full of these stories. Even some of the worst water carriers for the GOP are grudgingly admitting that things are not necessarily working out to Papaya Pinochet’s advantage.

Here’s something to keep in mind as you wonder if the political reporting proletariat has suddenly gone sane: THEY KNEW. They had their precious access, paid for with silence in the face of the facts that are coming out now ONLY because there are books to sell. Paid for with utter refusal to call this abomination of a maladministration what it is, their refusal to call a lie a lie, their refusal to call out inhumanity when they saw it. Their milquetoast, both-sides über alles framing of everything we’ve seen since Hair Furor descended down that escalator has been partly responsible for everything we’ve suffered since.

Just because Faux and One America (FIRST!) News have gone all in on supporting Preznit Cornered Rat, that doesn’t mean the others are on the side of the angels. THERE ARE NO HEROES HERE, only hacks looking to cash those checks.