Sinema Sins

One month into the Biden/Harris administration, the Senate “I Virtue Signal Independence From My Party” caucus is in full voice. Both Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema appear determined to snatch defeat from the jaws of achievement for the Democratic Party.

Manchin, in a fit of apparently newly-discovered reverence for decorum, has announced that he will not support Neera Tanden’s nomination to run OMB. His posturing seems particularly flimsy when you remember that Tanden took Manchin’s daughter to task over EpiPen gouging. Worse, both Manchin and Sinema have displayed their peacock feathers in opposition to killing the filibuster, the sort of pre-emptive rolling over that gives the disloyal/seditious opposition aid and comfort even as they continue to deny reality and show no indication of seeking to consider, debate, and reach compromise on whether Biden is president or water is wet. Here’s an excerpt of a constituent letter Sinema sent regarding the filibuster:

I have long said that I oppose eliminating the filibuster for votes on legislation. Retaining the legislative filibuster is not meant to impede the things we want to get done. Rather, it’s meant to protect what the Senate was designed to be. I believe the Senate has a responsibility to put politics aside and fully consider, debate, and reach compromise on legislative issues that will affect all Americans. Therefore, I support the 60-vote threshold for all Senate actions. Debate on bills should be a bipartisan process that takes into account the views of all Americans, not just those of one political party. Regardless of the party in control of the Senate, respecting the opinions of senators from the minority party will result in better, commonsense legislation. My position remains exactly the same now that I serve in the majority. While eliminating the filibuster may result in some short-term legislative gains, it would deepen partisan divisions and sacrifice the long-term health of our government. I will continue working across the aisle with my colleagues in the United States Senate to ensure our legislative process upholds the integrity of our democracy.

This is the sort of wide-eyed naivete that clearly doesn’t take into account recent history OR current events. Unless these two learn to read the room, I expect they’ll both get vaudeville hooked off the stage in favor of REAL intransigence. Given the choice between fake GOP and actual GQP, we know where the winds will blow.