At Long Last, Never Moore


After all the media chaff/flare, all the “lack of enthusiasm in the black community” garbage hot takes, after all the normalizing of the most abnormal candidates since, well, the 2016 campaign – someone finally said “ENOUGH!”  And that someone was the good people of Alabama, who outnumbered the slugs by enough to elect Doug Jones to the US Senate over tiny pistol-carrying, gigantic (empty) hat-wearing, incompetent horse-riding, R.Kelly wannabe Roy Moore:

Doug Jones pulled off a massive upset Tuesday night, turning a Senate seat blue in a solid red state.

Jones, a former federal prosecutor, defeated Republican Roy Moore Tuesday night in a hard-fought battle that included allegations that the GOP nominee had improper sexual contact with teenage girls in the 1970s. Moore has not conceded the race and said he will wait until final numbers to see if a recount is required.

Jones received 639,088 votes – or 50 percent – to Moore’s 629,749 votes, or 49 percent.

The horse appears relieved that his time in the spotlight is coming to an end:

And there’s no way in hell Dolt45 wrote this:

And as usual, black women led the way:


Congratulations, everybody.



Begins The Reckoning

I thought that the speech Hillary Clinton gave at the DNC was the speech of her life. It WAS.  This IS:

With this speech, Hillary Clinton did what the mainstream press should have done over a year ago – using ACCURATE words from Donald Trump’s own mouth, from his campaign staff’s mouths, and from his supporters’ mouths, to absolutely annihilate the white nationalist dumpster fire that is the GOP run for the presidency. I understand that the fainting couch market is at an all-time high, pearls are being clutched so hard they’re being crushed into dust, and media Villagers have already pre-assumed the position (flat on their backs hoping for a belly rub but fearing a kick from the Right instead).

It is in a moment such as this that one gets the opportunity to see just how compliant, how cowed, how COMPLICIT the remnants of our Fourth Estate really are, to the extent that simply repeating, verbatim, actual quotes from a political opponent turns into the greatest scandal ever (since the last one, and only until the next one). Make no mistake about it, when Secretary Clinton wins this election, much like President Obama before her, she will have beaten both the GOP AND THE PRESS.

Those Who Don’t Know Their History…

…should be reminded of it:

Nicely done, Ms. Wood.

Tweet of the Day: Courtesy of @NerdyWonka – Let’s call it “PBO deals with the GOP. Again. Now, with gusto.”


Move Along Home

The one and only TBogg is retiring from the intrablogs.  To say that this is a loss would be somewhat akin to calling the Atlantic Ocean damp.  I’ve only known of him for a few years, but he has consistently been one of the funniest bloggers on the planet, one of the few people who could take the outright insanity of our political circus and make you want to laugh instead of screaming.  His “Your Mumia sweatshirt won’t get you into heaven anymore” is and will remain legend.

To Mr. Bogg I say, “Fair winds and following seas, and may the Prophets guide your path.”