Begins The Reckoning

I thought that the speech Hillary Clinton gave at the DNC was the speech of her life. It WAS.  This IS:

With this speech, Hillary Clinton did what the mainstream press should have done over a year ago – using ACCURATE words from Donald Trump’s own mouth, from his campaign staff’s mouths, and from his supporters’ mouths, to absolutely annihilate the white nationalist dumpster fire that is the GOP run for the presidency. I understand that the fainting couch market is at an all-time high, pearls are being clutched so hard they’re being crushed into dust, and media Villagers have already pre-assumed the position (flat on their backs hoping for a belly rub but fearing a kick from the Right instead).

It is in a moment such as this that one gets the opportunity to see just how compliant, how cowed, how COMPLICIT the remnants of our Fourth Estate really are, to the extent that simply repeating, verbatim, actual quotes from a political opponent turns into the greatest scandal ever (since the last one, and only until the next one). Make no mistake about it, when Secretary Clinton wins this election, much like President Obama before her, she will have beaten both the GOP AND THE PRESS.


Those Who Don’t Know Their History…

…should be reminded of it:

Nicely done, Ms. Wood.

Tweet of the Day: Courtesy of @NerdyWonka – Let’s call it “PBO deals with the GOP. Again. Now, with gusto.”


Move Along Home

The one and only TBogg is retiring from the intrablogs.  To say that this is a loss would be somewhat akin to calling the Atlantic Ocean damp.  I’ve only known of him for a few years, but he has consistently been one of the funniest bloggers on the planet, one of the few people who could take the outright insanity of our political circus and make you want to laugh instead of screaming.  His “Your Mumia sweatshirt won’t get you into heaven anymore” is and will remain legend.

To Mr. Bogg I say, “Fair winds and following seas, and may the Prophets guide your path.”

This Isn’t Really That Hard

Lost of wailing and gnashing of teeth (and crowing from the NeoConfederates) about MSNBC’s ratings drop post-election, and much confusion as to why it is so.

This comment from piratedan cleared THAT right up:

well part of the lack of passion has to be attributed to the constant barrage of immediacy to everything…namely…

I dislike being asked for cash for each and every outrage as if I’m some pavlovian domestic who can be counted upon to tap my wallet each time there’s a new Republican outrage and let me tell you, those damn things (both the Republican boondoggle and the attempt to lighten my wallet) can be counted upon to show up about twice a week. Sorry, but that’s tiring.

The second item is the fact that the R’s do a very good job at keeping the outrage meter at 11, there is a seemingly bottomless well of duplicity, falsehoods, lies, asshattery and plain simple spite in their arsenal. They are fucking relentless in their hatred, they must be using the Uruk-Hai model and I can sympathize with King Theoden and wondering where the fuck is Gandalf, much less that unexpected force from Lorien. They are quite adept at tearing down our society in their forlorn hope to re-establish Little House on the Prairie with a side helping of Mandingo and The Name of The Rose. Christ one week it’s depriving poor kids of food or medical care, the next it’s womens rights and after that, we’re hamstringing the government by blocking any and all legislation. Then they’re kicking gun safety reform to the curb or ginning up some foreign policy nothingburger and when they have free time, they fall back and claim that the current presidency doesn’t have enough minstrel show for them while they’re still; attempting to repeal the ACA and fuck over the recovery with their lack of understanding about how a government is run. For a bunch of asshats who aren’t doing anything, they’re remarkably busy doing whatever they can to redistribute the wealth to themselves and those that write the checks to their campaigns. Everybody else can simply fuck off and please don’t die where I can see you.

While that shitburger is taking place inside the district federale, the media is making sure that we all understand that black people are scary and doing their best to tell Mom and Pop and Uncle Joe that R’s have had their fee-fee’s trampled upon when the President doesn’t simply disavow everything that he’s stood for politically and cave into their wishes because he got more votes than Mannequin Mitt, despite their very best efforts to keep poors, blacks and wimmins from voting. After all, Obama has invited them to his place for chow, for drinks and even taking them golfing, but lets face it, these guys aren’t putting out and they’re still not even going to wear the really cute dress until Obama takes them someplace special, like PaulRyanLand Amusement Park (Grandma gets in free, but you can’t ever ever let her leave). But hell, they don’t let his type in, so I’m thinking that’s not gonna happen. Lets not talk about anything else unless it has the Country Club Corporate spin and hey lookie there, another white girl was killed and all of our collective attention must focus on that, see you in two to three weeks when the next one happens.

So maybe I’m tired and don’t really care that drones are killing brown people instead of our troops, mercenaries or proxies doing it in person or the fact that no matter what the President does, no matter how reasonable he sounds, no matter how much support his policies may have with the majority of Americans, Republicans could give a fuck and they’ll burn it all down if it’s all the same to them, because they have more than you and I, so they’re betting that odds are they’ll do just fine.

So maybe, just maybe, some of us are taking a breather, watching some baseball and cleaning up around the house before we come back to girding our collective loins about the 2014 elections.”

That about sums it up, all right.