Massholes On Parade

Via ABL, another brilliant Billy Zabka moment from Team TrukNutz:

Staffers for Sen. Scott Brown were caught on video this week at a rally in Boston chanting Indian “war whoops” and making tomahawk chop gestures, mocking Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren.

Pictured in the video are deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey, Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard, and a Republican operative named Brad Garrett, according to Boston’s ABC affiliate.

I’m deducting points because they didn’t actually drop trou while doing this…although Brown almost made up for it during the dismount:

Update: Scott Brown told the Globe that he had not seen the video, but “if you’re saying that, certainly that’s not something I condone. It’s certainly something that, if I’m aware of it, I will tell that [staff] member never to do that again.”

But “the offensiveness here is the fact that professor Warren took advantage of a claim, to be somebody – a Native American — and using that for an advantage,” Brown told the Globe.

Seriously, Massachusetts?


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