A Note On The Media

In recent days, there have been “shocking” revelations (in that they were only shocking to anyone who either wasn’t paying attention or needs to be watered twice a week) regarding the current occupant of the Oval Office and his attitude towards anyone who didn’t vote for him (as well as a good number of those who did). Newspapers, nightly network news broadcasts, cable news programs are all full of these stories. Even some of the worst water carriers for the GOP are grudgingly admitting that things are not necessarily working out to Papaya Pinochet’s advantage.

Here’s something to keep in mind as you wonder if the political reporting proletariat has suddenly gone sane: THEY KNEW. They had their precious access, paid for with silence in the face of the facts that are coming out now ONLY because there are books to sell. Paid for with utter refusal to call this abomination of a maladministration what it is, their refusal to call a lie a lie, their refusal to call out inhumanity when they saw it. Their milquetoast, both-sides über alles framing of everything we’ve seen since Hair Furor descended down that escalator has been partly responsible for everything we’ve suffered since.

Just because Faux and One America (FIRST!) News have gone all in on supporting Preznit Cornered Rat, that doesn’t mean the others are on the side of the angels. THERE ARE NO HEROES HERE, only hacks looking to cash those checks.


Decency, For A Change

Vice President Biden consoles a grieving mother at the 9/11 Memorial in Pennsylvania, 2020.09.11

Nothing elaborate. Just a simple display of decency – of HUMANITY.

Going to be good to have this back in the White House.

By the will of the Prophets.