Hailing Frequencies…Closed

Nichelle Nichols, 1932-2022

On Sunday, the world lost a legend. Nichelle Nichols was a giant; actress, singer, tireless advocate for inclusion, arguably the best recruiter that NASA has ever had. I’ve made enough trips around the sun to see The Original Series in its original run. As was the case for many, LT Uhura was the first character I ever saw on a screen that looked like me AND was not in a subservient role. She was an absolute force of nature; a no-nonsense, skilled, RESPECTED member of a crew. Through her adventures, I was inspired to a lifelong love of science and science fiction. Had a career in avionics (and currently have one in computer science) partly because of her.

On behalf of all those you inspired to become their best selves, THANK YOU, Queen. Fair winds and following seas as you take your place among the stars.

Hailing frequencies closed.


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