What We’re Up Against

Biden/Harris can definitely win – things are looking good less than 30 days out. We need to be mindful of our actual sitrep though – they’re basically playing 2-on-6:

  • Republicans/Trumpers
  • Far right media (Faux/OANN)
  • Far right-adjacent media (rest of the MSM)
  • “Uncomfortable allies” (looking for any reason to bail)
  • “Undecideds” (surrrrre)
  • Horsehoe left (arrogant enough to be sure they’d survive Dump Mk II)

The margin has to be too big to steal, because they’re going to try. The courts may pick off the worst/most blatant of their attempts, but they will throw everything but the kitchen sink at this one – those trial balloons about postponing elections are dry runs. They WILL try this, because they’re morons.

No surrender.


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