Hailing Frequencies…Closed

Nichelle Nichols, 1932-2022

On Sunday, the world lost a legend. Nichelle Nichols was a giant; actress, singer, tireless advocate for inclusion, arguably the best recruiter that NASA has ever had. I’ve made enough trips around the sun to see The Original Series in its original run. As was the case for many, LT Uhura was the first character I ever saw on a screen that looked like me AND was not in a subservient role. She was an absolute force of nature; a no-nonsense, skilled, RESPECTED member of a crew. Through her adventures, I was inspired to a lifelong love of science and science fiction. Had a career in avionics (and currently have one in computer science) partly because of her.

On behalf of all those you inspired to become their best selves, THANK YOU, Queen. Fair winds and following seas as you take your place among the stars.

Hailing frequencies closed.


RIP, Chadwick Boseman

I’m sorry, that’s all I got. Hurts too much.

New Ground

Personal log, 201703.6

I have returned from laying Papa Cisco to rest. My brother stayed behind to tend to our mother for a few additional days. We had a week of remembrance, but very few tears. The last eighteen months had not been kind; the last two weeks unkinder still. It is a terrible thing to pray for a release that takes a loved one away forever, but if it had been Papa’s call to make, this outcome is the call he would have made.

The truth is, Papa was a comedian of sorts; he enjoyed making helping people and making them happy. He did a LOT of that; his memorial brought the largest turnout in recent memory according to the Minister; a testament, he says, to the type of man Papa was.

There’s a certain expectation among the Cisco clan, even (and especially) in times such as these. I literally have a lifetime of memories and instructions to carry our legacy forward, and as the eldest son it is a matter of personal honor that I do so. Mama is holding up well; having gone through my own loss not so very long ago, it will be my task to help her find her way if need be, as she did for me. However, she is both stronger and better prepared for this than I was; I fully expect that she will be more worried for us than the other way around.

I am sad that Papa is not here, yet grateful that he is with Mrs. Cisco now; they became fast friends over the years, and the thought of them together watching over the rest of us gives me comfort.

End log.


Tonight, for the first time since her death 9 months ago, I’m glad Mrs. Cisco isn’t here to see this. For now I’ve had it confirmed that half of the country hates me so much that they’re willing to burn the country down in response to PBO. They wanted me as an enemy, they demonized me and anyone who looks like me. They wanted a Neo-Confederacy. SO. BE. IT.

They may find the having less pleasing than the wanting. May the Prophets make it so.