SOTU 2015

President Obama delivered the 2015 State Of The Union address last night, here it is in its entirety:

I absolutely LOVED:

  • He used actual facts and figures again.  It’s nice to see actual data laid out, doesn’t matter that the Press Corpse and the seditionists will either ignore or lie about it – they do that anyway.
  • The Neo-Confederates sat on their hands over EVERY SINGLE POSITIVE that got brought up. They just can’t help themselves.  “Loyal” opposition my ass. Speaking of which…
  • The single biggest source of their (and the media’s) hatred of him, I’m glad he called them on it.
  • They couldn’t make him 3/5 of a person, but they did roll out FIVE separate “responses” to him. The best thing you could say about them was that Joni Breadbags inexplicably managed NOT to castrate a pig.
  • The angry old guy channel finally got called out for what they are, real subtle-like:

(Hint: There’s a word missing from that placard – the same thing missing from the content that the network in question produces.  NEWS.)

I hope President Obama keeps this up – the GOP 2016 clown car bus double-decker bus isn’t anywhere near full yet!


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