At Long Last, Never Moore


After all the media chaff/flare, all the “lack of enthusiasm in the black community” garbage hot takes, after all the normalizing of the most abnormal candidates since, well, the 2016 campaign – someone finally said “ENOUGH!”  And that someone was the good people of Alabama, who outnumbered the slugs by enough to elect Doug Jones to the US Senate over tiny pistol-carrying, gigantic (empty) hat-wearing, incompetent horse-riding, R.Kelly wannabe Roy Moore:

Doug Jones pulled off a massive upset Tuesday night, turning a Senate seat blue in a solid red state.

Jones, a former federal prosecutor, defeated Republican Roy Moore Tuesday night in a hard-fought battle that included allegations that the GOP nominee had improper sexual contact with teenage girls in the 1970s. Moore has not conceded the race and said he will wait until final numbers to see if a recount is required.

Jones received 639,088 votes – or 50 percent – to Moore’s 629,749 votes, or 49 percent.

The horse appears relieved that his time in the spotlight is coming to an end:

And there’s no way in hell Dolt45 wrote this:

And as usual, black women led the way:


Congratulations, everybody.