New Year, New Fight

Found a post that perfectly sums up what needs to happen now that the Trumpocalypse is inbound:

We can do this, we people who are horrified by the bigotry that Trump has brought flooding out into the open. The one good thing about Trump’s bile-spewing candidacy is that he’s been so generous about spreading hostility that it’s been easier than ever to see that our many little groups can form one big raft that protects the whole. We can do this. We can join together and take our turns in the water so we can buoy the others who need it most at the moment. (Straight white dudes, I know that means you’ll be spending a lot of time in the water. Your willingness to do so may be your finest hour.)

I’m particularly impressed with the directness of addressing the Trumpsters’ supposed strength as a flaw:

Those “jokes” people are making? The ones where men walk up to a woman and say har har, they can grab her pussy now? Or the jokes about people getting deported? Or the white girl who snap-chatted that she’ll be a benevolent slave owner once Trump makes it legal? Those are not fucking jokes. They are a way of asserting power by spreading fear, and they are not acceptable in a decent society.

During a conversation I had with a friend back in the before times (2008), I said that we were going to eventually be faced with having to decide what kind of country we wanted to have, or if we indeed wanted to have one at all.  Looks like the time is now. I hope everyone’s ready…

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