A Message From Sentient America

The events of the last few days in Charleston and the media reactions to them are so depressing, so infuriating, so absolutely WTF mind-boggling, that I am beginning to wonder if our so-called “cold” Civil War II* is a misnomer.  It is no surprise, of course, that a certain entertainment channel (in the sense that screaming OOGA BOOGA BOOGA at white people all day long counts as entertainment) could gleefully find a way to simultaneously condemn the shooter for being “evil” AND pirouette away like a Mirror Universe Fred Astaire from the true motivation of that evil.  That’s par for the course for them. No, what has made a definitive mark this time is the degree to which ALL of the “mainstream” press has contorted themselves to avoid the truth, something so obvious no one with more than a few functioning brain cells could miss it.


So do me and the rest of Sentient America a favor.

Stop running and face the problem.

No more White Shooter Bingo:

No more tear-soaked statements of bewilderment over not knowing what causes this when the shooter CLEARLY EXPLAINED EXACTLY WHY HE DID WHAT HE DID. (Also, doing so with the traitorous, treasonous flag flying over your capitol grounds – seriously, enough already.)

No more blaming mental illness for the shooter’s actions – the mentally ill have enough to deal with in this country without getting dragged into domestic terrorism attacks.  Unless you consider ISIS/ISIL/whoever mentally ill too, just STFU about this.

No more pivoting from the victims (if you even acknowledge them at all) to musing about whether the “black community” will “act out” over acts like this.  Ever hear of lynchings of black people in response to real (or more often, imagined) crimes? Here’s a hint: THAT was acting out.


No more “but but but what about BLACK ON BLACK CRIME? What about Baltimore?” (Let me tell  you about Baltimore – any cop that espouses the view that there is only one choice – either to let them do whatever the hell they want without accountability or reproach, without being subject to the laws that they are enforcing/departmental policies OR standing back and not doing their jobs, then they need to be doing something else – ANYTHING ELSE – for a living.)

No more victim blaming. That’s right, victim blaming. If you’re stupid enough to say that a victim should have been in favor of allowing members to carry handguns IN A CHURCH in response to a massacre inside A CHURCH, you should really stop talking.

There are some serious problems here, and if they are not addressed, in the end, NOBODY WINS.


3 responses to “A Message From Sentient America

  1. To accept what this TERRORIST did means that people have to accept their own responsibilities in helping to create him. Hearing him say what he planned to do and taking no action to alert authorities makes them an accomplice in my eyes.

    After the FACT of what this TERRORIST did, there is no reason to go back to square one and try to determine a motive. His own words condemn him. This retreat from the FACTS is another way in which all of those who bear any responsibility attempt to cover their own involvement in creating this monster.

    The RWNJ who attempt to justify what this TERRORIST did in order to further their own agenda, which coincidentally caused this TERRORIST act in the first place, totally disgusts me. This was NOT an attack on religion, or on christianity, this was a TERRORIST attack on African Americans, plain and simple.

    The White TERRORIST Bingo card shown above is just an attempt to explain how all of these issues are clearly swept under the rug when the TERRORIST is White. We can have no Justice so long as there are White people who will do their very best to keep the truth from being exposed.

    • Well said. The complicity of the news media in disseminating these excuse tropes is full. Even the police chief in Charleston called it for what it is right off the bat, and full credit to him for that. Everyone else is ducking, dodging, and deflecting as fast as they can.

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