Snowe Job

Former Maine Senator Olympia Snowe came to town to advise the people to embrace comity, collaboration, and compromise in their chosen political candidates:

“You need to reward those who are willing to cross the political aisle,” said Snowe, a Maine Republican. “You have the power of social media to create online communities. Use it.

“The forces of division are well organized. …But the majority of Americans want their government to work. It needs to work for all of us.…We have to restore the integrity of the process in Washington.”


“When I started, it was important to have credible information and data..…It was all about teamwork and collaboration… But in today’s environment, you don’t have that kind of process. They’re not talking about facts. They’re talking about messaging and political talking points.…We’re on the road to nowhere these days.”

Impressive words.  I’d have been more impressed had she done the responsible thing and point out it was her own party that lost the plot.  She could also have mentioned her own role in the mess, but hey, books aren’t going to sell themselves…



2 responses to “Snowe Job

  1. Snowe sure talks a good game.

    She’s still well received in Maine – it speaks to the power of PR and spin, that such a widely held conviction can be held by people who should know better.

    • True, if you look at the words without knowledge or acknowledgement of the history, it sounds great. Who (outside of the right wing) would boo government actually working? That’s what she counts on.

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