CPAC – Staring Into The Abyss

The recent political freakshow that is CPAC just wrapped up another successful outing (where “successful” = “numerous opportunities for those outside the 27% to say ‘What the *^%$ was THAT?”), and as entertaining as the various write-ups were (from Anne Laurie, Dave Weigel,  Charlie Pierce, and TBOGG, among others), it’s sad that the MSM takes this so seriously.  Of course, that batch of jaded Ferengi takes ANYTHING a Republican does seriously (which is why we get graced with Johnny “Remove yourself from my forward-facing landscape accoutrement” McCain each and every single week).  I did start to wonder how many people are actually watching the Sunday GOPer fest.  The answer surprised me:


This is a seriously older-skewing audience – to an even greater degree than I thought.  But those olds VOTE – and nothing gets these folks motivated to hit the polls like scaring the living Santorum out of them.  Thus, the scare-fest continues.


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