The Only Sane Response

Rep. Bill Parscrell put on a clinic on how to respond to the NeoConfederate squidcloud of BS over Obamacare and the website rollout (otherwise known as the Worst Thing Ever In The History Of Anything Since The Last Thing Obama Did):

Put it in heavy rotation in 2014, run it in the reelection campaigns of every Democratic rep and every Democratic challenger to every GOP rep, and let the Village moan and rend their garments over “comity.” Time for the point to get hammered home.


2 responses to “The Only Sane Response

  1. The only drawback to this entire situation is that the people who are blinded by their hatred of President Obama will never bother to look at this.

    • Sad but true; it’s going to take a long time to drill down to the local level UNLESS those who keep putting these loons in charge get the feel the results of their decision AND successfully make the connection between cause and effect.

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