You’re Not Supposed To Show Your Hand

The Daily Show has performed yet another public service, this time by simply putting a mic in front of a fool and letting him step on his own junk:

An appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” has cost Don Yelton, a member of the N.C. Republican Party, his position as Buncombe County precinct chair for the GOP.

A five-minute segment of the Comedy Central show Wednesday night about the state’s new election law, focused a good bit on Yelton’s racial views.


Yelton said the law’s intent is not racial but designed to “kick the Democrats in the butt.”

He also criticized lazy college students and “lazy blacks that want the government to give them everything” because the state was issuing free IDs to ease compliance.

“I can’t believe we have that many stupid people in North Carolina. People who don’t know how to follow directions and go down there and get a photo ID for free at the DMV. Do we want those people picking your president?” Yelton asked.

Wow – refreshingly honest and open, wasn’t it? Well, the NCGOP wasn’t about to let THAT stand:

On Thursday, as the video went viral, Claude Pope, chairman of the N.C. Republican Party, called for Yelton’s resignation.

“The North Carolina Republican Party finds the comments made by Mr. Yelton to be completely inappropriate and highly offensive,” Pope said in a statement the state GOP released.

And in short order, the ax was handed to Yelton for some good old fashioned self-deposing:

Buncombe GOP Chairman Henry Mitchell told Dome this evening Yelton resigned at his request.

Before exiting (I presume stage right), Yelton played one last hit from the catalog:

Yelton announced his resignation on Asheville talk radio host Pete Kaliner’s program on WWNC. Kaliner told Dome that Yelton’s “black friend” –Yelton said in the interview he wasn’t a bigot, that “one of my best friends is black” – called the program to defend him.

Kaliner identified the Yelton’s supporter as Tim Johnson, the former state GOP vice chairman.

Just when you think they can’t get any worse, they manage somehow to raise their game.


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