Suppressing Repression

The NCGOP’s attempt to block a college student from the ballot didn’t quite work out the way they intended:

The board members unanimously agreed that an Elizabeth City State University student can run for local office, reversing a decision by the Republican-controlled Pasquotank County elections board.

(Montravias) King, the Elizabeth City State student, registered to run for the Elizabeth City board on July 19 when he was a student at the historically black college in the Pasquotank County seat.A senior who has been active in the local NAACP and other civic activities in his college community, King used his on-campus address when he filed to run for office.

Richard “Pete” Gilbert, chairman of the Pasquotank County Republican party, challenged King’s bid, arguing that a dorm address was a temporary residence that disqualified King from seeking a seat in the Elizabeth City ward where his campus home was.


Josh Howard, the Republican who leads the state elections board, said that “while this is a student challenge” it was not “dissimilar” from challenging any of the military base residents in North Carolina who sought office in their communities. He argued that trying to abridge a military base member’s bid for office would not sit well with him.

Maja Kricker, a Democrat on the state board, praised King for being active in his community as she voted to reverse the Pasquotank board decision that would have barred him from running for local office..

“How much more skin in the game can you have,” Kricker asked. “I wish all people were involved in their local community.”

This would appear to be a sign of a break between the NeoConfederate cabal and those Republicans that haven’t yet completely lost their minds.  And there is more work to be done in the matter of blocking voter suppression by means of closing polling places, but this is a start, and a good one at that.

(h/t Kay @ Balloon Juice)


3 responses to “Suppressing Repression

  1. When one person is the victim of injustice, we are all at fault, and we will all suffer in the end.

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