The Vagina Demagogues

Zandar catches Art Pope and the gang in yet another lie, this time regarding the anti-choice law they just rammed through:

So remember how critics of North Carolina’s new anti-choice law said the legislation could be used to close all but one of the state’s abortion clinics under “ambulatory surgical center standards” nonsense? Guess which clinic just got hit with a raft of safety violations that will put it out of business?

The state Department of Health and Human Services suspended the license of a city abortion clinic, citing nearly two dozen safety violations discovered in a recent inspection.

FemCare of Asheville, Western North Carolina’s only provider of surgical abortions, is the only clinic in the state that meets the standards of an ambulatory surgical center.

The clinic gained attention recently following the passage of a controversial abortion bill, which critics say could effectively close all clinics in the state except the Asheville site if DHHS imposes standards similar to those of an outpatient surgical center.

State officials said the clinic’s license suspension was not related to the new abortion legislation.

Of course, throwing women under the bus wasn’t enough – McCrory offered up some baked goods in lieu of first aid.

I wish my state would wake up.


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