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Michelle Obama & the Heckler…..what had happened was…

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  • Michelle Obama & the Heckler…..what had happened was…

    So First Lady Michelle Obama was at the fundraiser giving her speech, when a heckler from Get Equal decided to act up in the middle of her speech.

    *Not the actual heckler

    So Michelle Obama got down off her podium and told the heckler it’s either you or me but ain’t nobody got time for that:

    So the crowd told the heckler to kick rocks and have a seat because they were not there for all of that.  Now the heckler is coming on media talking bout some she was taken aback.

    The heckler says she’s not scared and was surprised the First Lady would act like that but really? When you heckle somebody in the middle of their speech, you’re taken aback when they tell you to have a seat?
    So you know homegirl will make the rounds on all the tv shows, and while she was not scared TODAY, she will be very frightened by the “aggressive” First Lady tomorrow.

    Chuck Todd will come on TV and lie that the pressure of the scandals is making Michelle Obama crack under pressure.

    Joan Walsh will come on TV and say while it’s nice to see at least ONE Obama stand up for themselves, it’s just unseemly behavior and not the way you should handle hecklers.

    And the media will all wring their hands with faux concern over the First Lady’s “aggressive stance.”  Some will whisper that she’s an Angry Black Woman and at least one idiot will chime in on their Facebook and/or Twitter about how “The First Lady never proud of her country blah blah”

    Meanwhile, all of the media cheered THIS:

    And this:

    But, we’ve seen this story before and we all know how it ends, but I wanted you to know how it began.

    And that’s what had happened.

The FerengiMedia™ is every bit as much a threat to our country as the NeoConfederates are.

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