Wonder What Changed?

Today’s quote on the ongoing deficit “crisis,” from Villago Delenda Est at Balloon Juice:

Interestingly enough, no one cared about the deficit at all between 2001 (when someone, no one knows who, destroyed the surpluses that Clinton oversaw) and November 4th, 2008. Then, suddenly, for no apparent reason, an entire mass movement of concern about the deficit arose out of thin air where there was nothing before. Since 4 November 2008 (within a few seconds of 8PM Pacific Standard Time, to be precise) the deficit is the most fucking important thing there is on the entire national agenda, eclipsing jobs, war, peace, health care, guns, climate change, immigration, American Idol, Who shot JR, and any other number of issues that formerly had attention share of the general population, not to mention the vermin of the Village.

It’s astounding.”

Indeed it is.


4 responses to “Wonder What Changed?

  1. Rush Limbaugh, another chickenhawk, said he’d “leave the country if Obama was elected”. We’re still waiting; I’ll gladly help him pack. It’s still not too late for him to go.

    • Those who do the most woofing often provide very little action. Mr. “I didn’t serve because of a pimple on my tukus” is a perfect example.

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