Absence Makes The Brain Grow Emptier

I’ve been loath to say much about the Ben-Ghazi circus because in my opinion it’s just another BS-slinging exercise by Faux Newz and the NeoConfederates for the entertainment of their reality-challenged base.  For example, if you’re going to grill someone about what they knew about it, and that person was a sitting Senator at the time JUST LIKE YOU, you may have wanted to show up for work every now and again.  You know, when the important business was being discussed.  Looking at you, Ron Johnson:

Now he wasn’t the only one to have missed out on this briefing – Johnny Yells-At-Clouds was absent too (but hey, why get the facts when you can get in front of a camera and complain about not getting the facts WHILE THE FACTS ARE BEING GIVEN?).  But it seems that something this important would have commanded enough of their attention to, well, be in attendance.


One response to “Absence Makes The Brain Grow Emptier

  1. These Rightwing coward bushclowns are just putting on a show.What ever happen to the 9/11 report when bush was in .Not one ques.Just let the golden bush boy slide from the wmd lies and the ratting out a cia agent v.plain. 2 set of standards is plain to see.Time to set it off with all the 2 faced bigit cowards in the republic .

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