Snatching Defeat From The Jaws Of Victory?

News emerged last night that the senate is about to reach a bipartisan (read watered down) agreement on “filibuster reform.”  The agreement appears to follow the guidelines of a plan put forth by Grandpa Walnuts and Carl Levin (D? – MI) that, while introducing an expedited process for certain nominations, does not come close to installing the talking filibuster that most were hoping for:

The deal, which is not yet final, makes very modest changes. It would permit the majority to bypass a filibuster on the motion to proceed to debate — if a group of senators on each side agree or if there’s a guarantee that both sides will get to offer amendments, the sources said Wednesday evening.

I’m not sure exactly what Levin’s problem is, but this deal smells funny; it gives the NeoConfederates too much wiggle room to make mischief, and affords them a comity that they do NOT deserve.  Apparently, I’m not alone:

It’s also more modest than Reid’s middle-path proposal to McConnell, which would have shifted the burden from a majority seeking to advance legislation and nominations to a minority seeking to block them.

The major proponents of reform believe the Reid-McConnell deal under discussion would not make it easier to pass legislation, and believe the only meaningful upside is that it may speed up the confirmation of some judicial nominations.

Why do we get saddled with Democrats that can’t remember they ARE Democrats?


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