Quote Of The Day – 2013.1.15

Martin, speaking to the latest round of Villager idiocy; namely, that President Obama could get more out of the Republicans if he’d just invite them up for milk and cookies sometimes:

Man, I really want Obama to stand up there in the presser and just lay it out:

“America was built on hard work and dedication. A fair paycheck and safe working environment is all that is asked by 100 million American workers. They don’t need cocktail parties and golf outings as incentives to go to work each day and do their job, and neither should their elected officials. Congress doesn’t work for me – they work for the 125 million voters that turned out two months ago to vote. Congress needs to do their damn job like everyone else in this country does and stop acting like aristocracy.”

That’s really the bottom line.

Not to mention the fact that President Obama’s entire first term was spent reaching out to these seditious assholes, with predictable results.


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