You’re Not Even Trying Now

Your attention please.

To everyone freaking out about the Obama “women problem”:

PUT.THE.PIPE.DOWN. The Village is playing you. AGAIN.

There are plenty of political types in DC with a diversity problem – the group represented by the circled portion of the following graphic come to mind:

"Don't look too worried about women to me!"

but President Obama is NOT one of them. Stop letting the GOP/FerengiMedia/”professional” left play you.

This sorry-ass meme is being perpetrated by the Village, including the non-primetime contingent of MSNBC. THINK ALREADY!

Protip: When your broadcast liberal outrage is coming from Mika “Stockholm Syndrome” Brezinski

“Demanding to be treated with dignity – you’re doing it wrong.”

and Mrs. Alan Fucking Greenspan, you are being trolled for the GOP’s benefit.


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