How Many More?


John Cole said it better than I ever could, so I’ll let him do it.

UPDATE: From the same thread, an entreaty I can entirely get behind:

Realistic gun fanciers:
You’ve had your turn to control the stupid, deadly, asinine idiots who fetishize gun ownership and you have failed. Miserably. So no, I’m not concerned about your feelings. From polls of NRA members and even numerous posters here you want sensible, workable controls on guns. So stop siding with the nuts and join those who have the same goals. Get over the hurt feelings and help yourselves. Otherwise at some point(probably not in my lifetime but whatever) you will lose all that you so value. This obsession with guns can not last, because the nation will not survive with this attitude. Even in the old west people realized that a weapon in the home was different than a weapon easily used in a crowd. And passed laws against carrying inside of city limits, hired sheriffs to stop the senseless killing and survived better for it.

Join the forces calling for better more sensible gun laws, be willing to limit guns to those who prove they can own them responsibly. Your feelings just aren’t that important.”

Interesting too, that all the NRA’s bought and paid for Congresscritters, including John “permanent fixture on Sunday morning shows” McCain were nowhere to be found yesterday.



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