Your FerengiMedia™ At Work: Chuck Todd Strikes Again

According to Chuckie, the family of one of the candidates for POTUS owning voting machines is no big deal, really:

First of all, anyone who can make this statement with a straight face has no business reporting anything of more consequence than the morning announcements at an elementary school.  That said, this continues a strange, sad path for Todd, who went from numbers genius during the 2008 campaign to Beltway insider, false equivalence fluffer, full-time MoneyBooBoo apologist, and naysayer to anything and everything the Obama campaign says or does. (Sort of like the cast of Fox & Friends without the perkiness, blonde hair, introspection, or self-restraint.)

OK Chuck, since you’re going to make me do your job AGAIN, start here:

Protip for you Chuck: In order to land that sweet, sweet Press Secretary gig, your guy has to WIN first, and despite the efforts of you and the rest of the FerengiMedia™, it’s not going to happen.

(h/t Brad Friedman and Southern Beale)


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