Mission Briefing: Early Vote

Early voting started in North Carolina last Thursday, and I was among the first to vote.  The parking lot was full for the first time that I can remember for ANY reason, and even though I got there a full 30 minutes before the polls opened, it took an hour for me to get inside the building.  The crowd was very diverse and well-mannered, even festive.  The “no-go” lines which party/campaign representatives cannot cross to approach voters were moved back to 30 feet; a Romney/GOP rep who either didn’t know or didn’t care about the limit got schooled, FIRMLY, by a feisty older lady who could have been my grandmother.  NOBODY messes with Grandma – HA!

In my immediate vicinity were a military retiree and his wife, a retired schoolteacher, and a housewife.  We all talked for a bit, and the reaction to the Romney rep made it pretty clear that MoneyBooBoo wasn’t getting any votes out of this particular set. Among the topics that came up were:

  • Romney’s penchant for LYING (no FerengiMedia™ spin here – it was called for what it is)
  • Bain and job outsourcing (also, doubts that Romney was going to “get tough” on ANYTHING)
  • Taxes (fairness, percentages, and Mitt’s missing returns)
  • Foreign policy (people were REALLY ticked about Mitt’s grandstanding on Benghazi)
  • Timeline of GOP obstructionism (the fact that it started before the election was even over was hammered home HARD)

Now this was just a group of six (including Mrs. Cisco and myself); this couldn’t possibly be considered scientific in any way.  But after the relentless pounding the North Carolina electorate has taken over the airwaves via LYING ads from GOP superpacs and the Romney campaign, it appears that at least among this group, the lies didn’t take root.


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