Eric Holder Was Totally Ready To Go Mau-Mau On Your Ass

TBogg kicks Tucker in the junk AGAIN:

It seems that bland inoffensive corporate lawyer  Eric Holder was once an obstreperous and, dare I say it: a uppity young buck who once tried to mau-mau Columbia University into creating a place for black students to meet and plot how they would intimidate white people attempting to vote in future 2008 America.  As part of their master plan for the Negrofication of America,  these black students would make white America guilt-elect a secret Kenyan Muslim as President who would then appoint Holder as the new Attorney General, giving him the power to just blow the whole intimidation thing off. Also, back at Columbia? Holder maybe had guns or was armed with a spear or something. I think nunchucks were kind of popular around then. Yes. Yes they were. We’ll say that Holder had nunchucks; he was ‘nunchuked up’ as was the custom of the time.

This will go down as one of TBogg’s best – and that’s saying something!


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