At Long Last, The Truth (Updated)

Good news, everyone: Mitt MoneyBooBoo finally came clean about something…

I don’t think it’s going to help him much…more later.


My take on it is this: Finally, the TRUTH.

At least from his perspective.

It’s not JUST the words, as despicable as they are. It’s his whole demeanor while he’s speaking. Every time he’s been in front of what Andy Griffith would have called “just folks,” he’s looked so miserable, so out of place, that one would think he’s either a machine or an alien (hence the myriad of Mittbot jokes).

Not in these clips.

He’s totally and completely within his element – and the contempt for the people he’s talking about can be seen, smelled, and heard from SPACE.

This, finally, is exactly who he is.

Any and every attempt to portray him as anything else is a lie.

His “base” thinks they’re part of the “in” crowd; they’re actually on the menu, they just get to stick around long enough to vote him and his cronies in. They’re the dessert course, if you will.

And as the reichosphere shows, they are willing sacrifices.


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