Now They’re Just Trolling

That banging sound you hear would be my head hitting my desk after reading this:

“According to the good folks at Public Policy Polling — and why they asked this question, I never will know — 15 percent of registered Republicans in Ohio think Willard Romney deserves more credit for killing Osama bin Laden than does the president. Another 47 percent aren’t really sure who does. In North Carolina, 29 percent of them give the credit to Romney while a whopping 56 percent of them find it too difficult to answer the question of whether the credit should go to the guy who actually gave the order, or to the guy who forgot to mention the troops in his acceptance speech not long ago.

Happy 9/11, America!

If we needed any more evidence that the atrocities perpetrated by Osama bin Laden 11 years ago have been transformed into simply another mudball in our national political mudfight, that poll pretty much seals the deal for you. It’s more than ignorance. It’s more than being misinformed. (I don’t know of a single commentator, not even the wingiest of wingnut public-access trolls, who’s credited Romney with being involved in the raid into Pakistan.) This is simple reflexive tribalism — Democrat bad, Republican, good. Also, too.”

Any dumber and you’d have to water them twice a week…


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