For Every Action (Presidential Edition)

There is an equal and opposite unhinged reaction.

If President Obama makes a self-deprecating joke referencing an insane smear used against him by his brain-damaged opponents and their sycophants in the media:

At 6:51 motorcade arrived at…a strip mall.

Grand Oaks shopping village in orlando, which houses, among other things, Gators Dockside, a sports bar.

He goes to a huge table of ten, five kids, and one woman points to a blond boy at the opposite end and says “he was born in Hawaii.”

Potus lights up and does some presumably Hawaii sign with his hand, which the boy returned. 

Then Potus says: “You were born in Hawaii? You have a birth certificate?” The table busted out laughing.

Then you can pretty much count on at least one of the FerengiMedia™ NeoConfederate fluffers to break out the whine and sleaze:

Please take note of where this lion of journalism works – at least the commenters give him all the reverence he is due:

They need to be called out on this crap EVERY SINGLE TIME THEY DO IT.


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