Whine And Cheese Fest

Poor Mitt – his whine and cheese fest isn’t going over so well.  Jonathan Capehart:

As I wrote yesterday, what Biden said was “wince-worthy.” But as I said today on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” neither the vice president nor the Obama-Biden reelection campaign has anything to apologize for. I detailed the hypocrisy of the Romney campaign’s high dudgeon yesterday. Its glass-house musing on Biden wouldn’t be so galling if Newt “food -stamp president” Gingrich and Donald Trump (Birther-N.Y.) weren’t waving from the windows.

Despite ample proof, Obama’s citizenship continues to be challenged. The legitimacy of his presidency has been challenged by birther nuts from its earliest hours. He’s been called a fascist trampler of the Constitution. And he is called “in over his head” and “not up to the job” and a “failure” byRepublicans who vowed even before his inauguration to oppose him on everything. Republicans who rejected his far-too-many gestures at bipartisanship even when he adopted their good ideas. Republicans who refused to snuff out the birther lie because the political gain was more alluring than upholding respect for the president or preventing our national discourse from sloshing around in the gutter of paranoia and conspiracy.

After nearly four years of that, of relentless obstruction, recalcitrance and rudeness from the GOP and his own campaign, Romney can spare me the dramatic recitation of his scripted outrage about a “campaign of division and anger and hate.”

The NeoConfederates are merely reaping what they have sown.


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