Saddle Up

Via WaPo, the NeoConfederates have their overseer slot lined up:

Former congressman Artur Davis from Alabama, who officially seconded President Obama’s nomination at the 2008 Democratic convention, said on Wednesday that he will cap off a remarkable political metamorphosis by addressing the Republican convention this year — calling for Obama’s defeat.

Davis said in a telephone interview that he had been given a speaking slot at the Republican convention in Tampa later this month. Davis said he was not sure yet of the day on which he would speak.

A spokesman for the Republican convention organizers did not respond to requests Wednesday afternoon and evening for confirmation of Davis’ speaking slot.

For those not fully aware, Davis was all onboard with the Democratic Party in general and Senator/President Obama in particular, until this:

In 2010, Davis sought to replicate Obama’s success in a campaign for Alabama governor, and was badly beaten in the Democratic primary by a more liberal candidate.

That somewhat understates the case – he got TROUNCED by his opponent after running away from Obamacare in one of the poorest states with the greatest health care needs in the country.  So badly beaten, in fact, that he LEFT THE STATE before the general election.  Make no mistake, Mr. Davis (apt surname, BTW) is merely collecting his check now in the guise of Michael Steele 2.0, only with more ambition.

Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, Mr. Davis – I’m sure you’ll wear it well.


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