We Knew It Would Come To This

Dennis G. cuts through all the smoke, mirrors, and BS to get down to what the “Take America Back To the (18)50’s” Tour is getting down to:

In wingnutopia it is a crime that a black man ever became President. McCain decided that this line of attack was a gutter so foul that even he was not willing to crawl through it. The wingnuts never forgave him for that and remain convinced that a campaign rooted in mobilizing white fear and race anxiety is their best and only path to victory.

Mitt Romney has bought into this strategy hook, line and sinker. He lacked the backbone to say no.

And so he has jumped into the swamp of racist code-talking with gusto. It is 2012 and yet, Mitt Romney is basing his campaign on race-baiting rhetoric about welfare pulled from the toxic swamp section of American history.”

Now this comes as no real surprise after three years of KenyaCommuRadIslaMarxAffirmaPrompterGötterdämmerung, but to see these guys double down on it – this is a strategy breathtaking in its lack of common sense, situational awareness, foresight, acknowledgement of demographics past present and future, and basic math skills.

I’m curious about the press – they’ve been showing a little backbone of late; the news that MourningJoe got his ass handed to him by Tweety and Chuck Todd(?!) almost cost me a cup of coffee.  I wonder if they’ll continue to call the CorporateVulture/CouponCare ticket out when the dog whistles turn into vuvuzelas.  Given past history, I think Dennis has the right idea:

It is up to us to yell loudly and demand that Romney’s race-baiting is discussed. Mitt, his wingnut handlers and the stenographers posing as journalist cannot be given a free pass on this.  If Mitt wants to run on race he should be forced to do so out in the open. That is something each of us can demand to the best of our abilities. Many voices cannot be ignored.

Romney is a weak man. He cannot stand up to his base even as it demands him to embrace the politics of hate. He is a coward. He should not be President.

It is August and the main focus of Romney’s campaign is a series of ads about lazy brown people on welfare.

We must defeat this weasel in November.”


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