Do Jellyfish Dream Of Gelatinous Sheep?

How do you know that calling Mitt3PO’s lies LIES works?  Not only are the NeoConfederates and FerengiMedia™ courtesans whining, now the “but we’re the good guys, we shouldn’t be so MEAANNNN” contingent is starting up.  Zandar’s having exactly NONE of that:

You want to know what sophistry, disingenousness and lying as a virtue really are, Kevin?  Four years of outright vitriolic nonsense involving Democrats being called terrorist sympathizers who are willing to kill Americans, fascists waiting to round us up and take our guns and our liberty, anti-American agents of foreign governments undermining the country, and nihilists waiting to foment a national race war, in particular directed at one Barack Obama.  It’s having his wife, the First Lady of the United States, referred to as “Moochelle”.  It’s having Republicans completely lie in order to take rights away from anyone who disagrees with them politically, the relentless effort to disenfranchise and crush the political and socioeconomic power of those groups they cannot control into voting for them, those who resist an entire television and radio empire dedicated to the sole propagation of insidious garbage.”

I must admit I’ve never understood, and have grown quite weary of, those who would volunteer to lie down and be stepped on in the name of comity.  Bullies don’t generally stop kicking you because you let them kick you – that’s sort of the point.  Meeting someone halfway when that someone wants you dead or otherwise marginalized is the ethos of a half-wit. The message that there is no issue concerning America that RMoney is going to be even remotely as good as (let alone better than) President Obama is finally starting to sink in, and “our” pundits want us to pull back?  Zandar nailed my sentiments exactly:

Republicans certainly believe the ends justify the means, and until we knock off this moronic cowering, they’ll keep on winning.  Jesus seal the saucer section and drop the warp nacelles, man.  Get a goddamn spine.  These guys are trying to eradicate our political, economic, and social power here if you haven’t noticed.  Me?  I’m okay with Harry Reid saying  “I think Mitt Romney is full of shit” because you know what?  He is.



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