Mission Briefing

Battochio aka The Vagabond Scholar has a piece up deconstructing the conservative movement:

“Most conservative political figures break down into one of four broad groups. They are Reckless Addicts, Proud Zealots, Stealthy Extremists and Sober Adults. Needless to say, they do not exist in equal numbers. The first three categories can overlap, but in individual conservatives, one flavor tends to dominate.”

LOVE the graphical representation, too:

The article is long-form but well worth the read; I particularly liked this bit of advice that voters AND media would do well to heed:

Assessing the consequences of policies is essential so that things can run better. Sometimes, that means assigning blame. Capitulating to extremism out of some painfully misguided sense that “civility” trumps honesty and responsibility isn’t honorable – it’s immoral. 

Offer the scoundrels a way out, offer them chances to quit their addictions, their zealotry, their extremism. But if they choose not to go that route – and sadly, that’s been the trend pretty relentless for years – cut them off. Make it cost them. Banish them to the political wilderness for a few elections (or generations – they’re a stubborn lot). Addicts need tough love. Zealots need to be kept away from power. Extremists need to be challenged. It’s not “civil” or “serious” to ignore a track record of disastrous policies, inaccurate statements and bad faith – it’s immoral and irresponsible. People of good faith who want America to run better need to make more of an effort to learn what the hell is going on and who is to blame – and they need to challenge that crap. Sometimes, that means they need to pick a side.

It’s going to be a long road back – the best start would be to NOT let the lunatics take control again.

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