Vote For Your Life

After following the Mitt-tastrophe, from the insulting remarks and condescension in England to the “No Press Allowed” money grab and Bibi fluffing in Israel, I’ve been trying to find the words to sum up this candidate and the party that nominated him.  Tom Levenson has done so beautifully and succinctly.  The whole thing is worth framing, but this point needs to be shouted from the rooftops for the next 100 days (emphasis mine):

More to the point:  there is no such thing as a good Republican candidate anymore, at any level.  Your city councilmember, your state rep., your congressional representative as individuals could be reasonable, smart, caring, trying to reform this failed party from within.  Mitt Romney himself may seem to the more credulous among our media elite to be a more thoughtful and moderate man than he is a candidate. (If you are truly credulous, or simply a hack, you may even bet on Romney’s “secret plan” to fix the economy.)

None of that matters.  “Good” Republicans are mere useful idiots, providing scraps of cover for the radical authoritarians wielding the real power. The party is committed to public policy stance that is destructive, both of American prospects and those of folks all around the world.  It must be driven so far from the political arena as to be destroyed, until whatever emerges from its wreckage, even if it persists in operating under the label “Republican,” is utterly transformed from the catastrophic clown show we now watch in horror.”

The man tells the truth, and speaks it plain.


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