Apologies Rendered

That’s it then, apologies MUST be rendered.

Simply HAS to be done, no way to avoid it.

First, to our friends across the pond, I offer my deepest and most sincere apologies for the utter catastrophe that is Willard Mitt Romney von Hoof-In-Mouth and the spectacle he has unleashed upon your country.  While I give you full credit for realizing and acknowledging in less than 24 hours that which our NeoConfederate friends here at home STILL cannot see, it should never have fallen to you to bear such an onerous and, frankly, undignified burden.

Second, to the denizens of the Twitterverse, sorry that I couldn’t see all the responses you came up with in the face of this debacle.  Your righteous snark was of such overwhelming power and fury that Twitter itself was forced to lie down and nap lest it perish.

Finally, to you the readers of this humble blog, my apologies to not speaking to this earlier.  Between laughing so hard I cried/pulled an abdominal muscle/wet myself (choose any two), trying and failing to keep up with comments elsewhere, and wondering if I was actually dreaming instead of awake, I simply couldn’t do any posting.




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