“Principles” Office

In the wake of President Obama’s deconstruction of Willard Mitt Romney von Vulture Capitalist, there has been the usual hand-wringing about tactics from the usual suspects – NeoConfederates who just want the field hand to lie down and give back to them what is rightfully theirs, and “principled” Democrats/pundits/has-beens/never-weres who have decided that any face time is a good time (yeah Harold “Hairbrush? WHAT hairbrush?” Ford, I’m looking at YOU!).  And now, this (emphasis mine):

Politically all of these attacks may in the end work, but it’s also clear that they are going to come at the expense of governing in a second term” by making it even tougher for Obama to work with Republicans, Gergen said.

Leave it to someone who was part of the problem in the first place to pooh-pooh the President for trying to clean up the mess. By the way, short of one of these Nathan Bedford Forrest wannabes literally setting fire to the House/Senate floor, exactly how could it get even tougher?

For this lot, “principled” is coming REAL close to meaning “courtesan”.  Of course, I mean that in the most decorous manner possible.


One response to ““Principles” Office

  1. Oh, I’m seeing some great stuff here! I’m so glad we found each other. Anyone who can skewer Aunt Gergen with so few strokes of the pen (as it were) is A-OK in my book.



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