Twisted Truth And Half The News, Can’t Hide It In Your Eyes

Steve M. gets to the real point about Hoagiegate: (h/t BooMan for the reference)

An edited clip of Romney’s Wawa remarks played on an MSNBC daytime show and made him appear as if he’s out of touch with ordinary people’s lives:

But it turns out that Romney wasn’t calling this Wawa touchscreen service “amazing” because it was foreign to him — he was making a point about innovation in the private sector and the lack thereof in the public sector. You see, if you want to do a change of address for your small business, you have to fill out 33 pages of forms — repeatedly! Public sector sucks, private sector rules! MSNBC sucks, Romney rules! End of story!


As you’ve probably guessed, NO:

Romney is making a preposterous apples-to-oranges comparison. Here’s the longer clip:

Notice what Romney says, starting at about 2:02. I’ll highlight the point where he starts trying to pull the wool over your eyes:

I met an optometrist this morning … and this optometrist wanted to change his billing address. He’d moved his office from one side of town to the other — same zip code, same post office — but he wanted to change his address. He got a form from the federal government — this is so he can get reimbursement from the federal government for the services he provides for the poor and seniors. 

The form he gets to change addresses is 33 pages long — 33 pages long! He calls someone to ask how to fill it out — he calls someone in government. They tell him what to do. He sends it in. They send it back — wasn’t done right, gotta do it again, another 33 pages. He calls another person. They tell him what to do. Doesn’t get it right the second time. Third time’s the charm, though.

This takes several months, during which time he’s not getting the checks for the work he’s doing for people who need his care. That’s how government works.”

So he’s actually doing a bait-and-switch, making it look like the mean ol’ gubmint is delaying paying the people who are deigning to perform work for “the poors.”

Steve goes on to completely demolish this preposterous lie (a good thing, too, because we’re not likely to see this level of, hmmm, what do they call it again?  Oh yeah – JOURNALISM! – on any MSM broadcast).

What you likely WILL see is a whinefest from Faux (also known as the Original Kings Of Selective Editing) since they appear to have been caught in a trap whose design and deployment techniques THEY perfected.


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