Zandar has a concise and accurate post-mortem on the Wisconsin recall elections:

Anyone who tells you this has to do with unions, President Obama, the economy, jobs, Mitt Romney, same-sex marriage, the transit of Venus or the season finale of Mad Men is full of crap.  This recall election was about precisely one thing — the recall election itself — and it lost pretty resoundingly.  That’s it.  That’s the entire election.   Republicans spent a huge amount of cash convincing people to vote Walker as a protest against being able to exercise their rights to vote to be able to remove a sitting politician.   They used tens of millions to define the election on terms favorable to Walker and the GOP, and it worked as intended as all incumbent Republicans survived.

That said, exit polling indicated that President Obama has a lead over Romney, dovetailing nicely with his win there in 2008.  Let’s hope that the trend continues, because the US cannot afford a Romney win.


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