An Unreasonable Facsimile Thereof

Quick question for you: why are Republicans so bent on addressing voter “fraud?” Projection, apparently:

The uphill slog of a write-in congressional campaign begins today for U.S. Rep. Thaddeus McCotter, R-Livonia.

It’s not a position that McCotter wants to be in. But his campaign failed to file enough valid signatures to qualify for the ballot. A congressional candidate must submit at least 1,000 and not more than 2,000 valid signatures to get on the ballot.


The Secretary of State’s website said McCotter’s campaign initially submitted 2,000 signatures.

This would be bad enough on its own, but it actually gets worse:

In all, the bureau estimated that all but 244 of the 1,830 purported petition signatures were invalid, he said.

The matter has been turned over the to state Attorney General’s office for investigation to see if any fraud or criminal activities occurred in the gathering or submission of petitions.

That’s just over ten percent.  A donation to Freedom Alliance has a better chance of making it to its supposed beneficiaries.

Can you imagine the uproar that would have ensued had this been done on behalf of a Democratic candidate? National media would have been on the case 24/7.  As it is, aside from obligatory mentions in print, there doesn’t seem to be any traction on the story in the broadcast medium (that I have seen).  I guess they’re too busy covering The Donald, his wampa pelt hairdo, and Episode 6, 954,120 of The Great Birth Certificate Scandal That Wasn’t.


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