Dim Bulbs

From Booman Tribune’s Steven D, the latest on energy-efficient light bulbs – on steroids:

But now there comes news that a new light bulb based on LED technology could last up to 20 years, and the energy savings would be (as a local car dealer says all the time in his TV ads) Huuuuuuuge!!!!

Light bulbs that are said to last for more than two decades while consuming very little energymay go on sale later this year.US firm General Electric, Dutch company Philips and UK-based Sylvania all showcased their products at the Light Fair industry conference in Las Vegas.

The bulbs may initially cost as much as $60 but I think this would be a good reason to give consumers who replace their old bulbs with these massively energy efficient bulbs a tax credit, and maybe even a program to subsidize the cost for people at or near the poverty line. After all, the more we reduce our energy consumption the better for our economy as a whole. Saving energy reduces the cost of manufacturing here in the USA, thus making us more competitive and saving, or even creating, jobs in our dwindling manufacturing sector. It seems anything we can do to encourage individuals and businesses to buy these products when they come on the market later this year.

Of course, history has already given us a probable reaction from the NeoConfederates:

WASHINGTON — Republicans in Congress are flipping the dimmer switch on a law that sets new energy-savings standards for light bulbs.

They’ve reached a deal to delay until October enforcement of standards that some fear will bring about the end of old-style 100-watt bulbs. GOP lawmakers say they’re trying to head off more government interference in people’s lives. […]

If these guys had been around in Edison’s time, they probably would have lynched him.


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