Gastritis Broke His Calculator, Too

The economy is going to be a critical part of this election cycle, and the problem for RomTron3000 is that the numbers have been improving of late.  So what’s a GOP candidate to do?  Apparently, Mitt borrowed Megan McArdle’s calculator to determine the desired rate of job growth:

The American economy added 115,000 jobs in April, and while that number fell well short of expectations, it represents the 26th consecutive month of private sector job growth. Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney was quick to harp on the report, appearing on Fox & Friends just minutes after the release to say that the economy should be growing at a much faster pace. The economy should be adding more than 500,000 jobs a month, Romney said:

ROMNEY: We should be seeing numbers in the 500,000 jobs created per month. This is way, way off from what should happen in a normal recovery.

So, half a million jobs is the new normal, eh?  Let’s just see how often that’s happened in the past, shall we?

Four times – in the last FIFTY years!  He really will say ANYTHING to get elected, wouldn’t he?

(h/t Think Progress)


3 responses to “Gastritis Broke His Calculator, Too

  1. So, four times in the last fifty years and three of those were under Democratic presidents, including once under Obama. Looks like a good reason to stick with the current president.


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