Projection – It’s Not Just For Movies Anymore

The Obama campaign is working aggressively to counteract the blitzkrieg of voter suppression laws enacted by NeoConfederate legislatures across the country; Kay over at Balloon Juice has a great writeup detailing those efforts.  As I noted there, for all the bleating the GOP does about voter fraud, they sure seem to keep getting caught with their own hands in the cookie jar.  Let’s review:

  • Paul Schurick – former campaign manager for then-Maryland governor Robert Ehrlich Jr., Schurick was convicted of deliberately trying to suppress the black vote via a robocall.
  • Charlie White – won the election for Indiana Secretary of state, only to be removed from office after it was discovered that he wasn’t even eligible to seek the office. Eventually convicted of six felonies including voter fraud, perjury, and theft.
  • Ken Blackwell – former Ohio Secretary of State, Blackwell notoriously delayed the counting of provisional ballots during the 2004 presidential race; also used several arcane policies to invalidate otherwise legal registrations.
  • Charles Summers Jr. – sent intimidating letters to lawfully registered student voters after state GOP chairman Charlie Webster demanded a “voter fraud” investigation of those same students.

The list goes on, and on, and on.

Next time a GOPper starts ranting about voter fraud, remind him/her where it’s actually coming from.


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