Masters Of Misdirection – Your FerengiMedia™ At Work

Anne Laurie from Balloon Juice exposes the latest salvo in the FerengiMedia’s “both sides do it!” war on the American voter:

If you asked Americans to identify the most noticeable change in U.S. politics over the past two decades, they’d probably answer that politics has become more polarized and that this has made it harder for the government to address the problems the country faces…

Contrary to what many believe, the central effect of such negative advertising isn’t to move voters from supporting another candidate to backing yours, as Mitt Romney and his allies have discovered during this primary season. The main effect is not even to move undecided voters into your column. No, the real effect of negative advertising is to energize and solidify support among your ideological base while turning everyone else off to the other candidate, the campaign and the entire electoral process. Negative advertising isn’t about changing minds; it’s about altering the composition of the voter pool on Election Day by turning moderate voters into non-voters…”

The speech (“adapted from the Harold Gortner Lecture“) is worth reading in its entirety, although I refuse to categorize it as an “excellent link”. It’s a compact example of the whole company-town DC-insider prescription for reform…Pearlstein notes a very genuine problem, concisely describes the particular methods and practices that have lead to the current unhappy situation, and prescribes… a rigorous application of Moderate Centrism, because (as described by the most respected practitioners of the art) BothSidesDoIt.

Amazing how he got the cause so right, and the solution so wrong…almost like he did it on purpose.


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